Computer algebra system for field theory problems
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Functional.hh File Reference
#include <functional>
#include "Storage.hh"

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struct  cadabra::split_it
struct  cadabra::split_it::iterator


 Functions to handle the exchange properties of two or more symbols in a product.


void cadabra::do_list (const Ex &tr, Ex::iterator it, std::function< bool(Ex::iterator)> f)
int cadabra::list_size (const Ex &tr, Ex::iterator it)
Ex::iterator cadabra::find_in_list (const Ex &tr, Ex::iterator it, std::function< Ex::iterator(Ex::iterator)> f)
Ex::iterator cadabra::find_in_subtree (const Ex &tr, Ex::iterator it, std::function< bool(Ex::iterator)> f, bool including_head)
Ex cadabra::make_list (Ex el)
template<typename T >
T::iterator cadabra::do_subtree (const T &tr, typename T::iterator it, std::function< typename T::iterator(typename T::iterator)> f)