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Hi, Kasper,
There days, I try to learn cadabra to help me to do computation, it is great and I like it. BUT I find there are some things could be done better :

  1. If cadabra could implement substitute operation continuously like mathematica in following method

    , cadabra will be easier to use. After all, most people use this function frequently;

  2. Add code completion;

  3. Add usage of keyboard shortcuts;

  4. Add functions trace(especially,for gamma matrix) and dagger( I have mentioned it at another place);

  5. Perfect fucntion substitute or add a function can change a b ... c d.. to c d...a b... ;

  6. Update this paper Tutorial and reference guide to 2.x;

  7. Add optional parameter to make function keep original value unchangable after implementing(especially, function substitute);

  8. Make notebook supports Chinese language when writing in latex mode.

I just wish cadabra would be more perfect.Thanks for your so great work again.

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  1. See https://cadabra.science/help.html (not yet complete but getting closer).

  2. The notebook should now accept any UTF-8 input; can you please let me know if you still have problems with this? Most likely this will not yet do what you want with LaTeX input cells, but I don't write Chinese so I don't know what people use to write LaTeX in Chinese.

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Thanks, I'll try it. When will it be updated to 2.7? I am looking forward to the new features.