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Cadabra2 pure Python functionality. More...


class  cadabra2_defaults.PackageCompiler
class  cadabra2_defaults.PackageCompiler.Sympy
 Stub object for when Sympy itself is not available. More...
class  cadabra2_defaults.Server
 Object to handle advanced display in a UI-independent way. More...
class  cadabra2_defaults.Console




def cadabra2_defaults.save_history (history_path)
def cadabra2_defaults.display (obj, delay_send=False)
 Generic display function which handles local as well as remote clients. More...
def cadabra2_defaults._displayhook (arg)
def cadabra2_defaults.post_process (__cdbkernel__, ex)


 cadabra2_defaults.__cdbkernel__ = cadabra2.__cdbkernel__
int cadabra2_defaults.PY3 = 3
 cadabra2_defaults.unicode = str
string cadabra2_defaults.discr = "\\discretionary{}{}{} "
string cadabra2_defaults.mopen = "\\begin{dmath*}{}";
string cadabra2_defaults.mclose = "\\end{dmath*}";
bool cadabra2_defaults.have_matplotlib = True
 cadabra2_defaults.console = Console()
 cadabra2_defaults.remember_display_hook = sys.displayhook

Detailed Description

Cadabra2 pure Python functionality.

This is a pure-python initialisation script to set the path to sympy and setup printing of Cadabra expressions. This script is called both by the command line interface 'cadabra2' as well as by the GUI backend server 'cadabra-server'.